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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about the admissions process. More questions will be added soon. Still don’t see the answer to your question? Email us at or

How do I apply for Financial Aid at Ramapo College?

To apply for Financial Aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using Ramapo College’s code (009344). No other forms are required. Visit .

When should I apply for Federal Aid?

You may apply for Financial Aid after October 1 of each year, and preferably before March 1 of each year.

Can I file a FAFSA before my family or I complete the tax returns?

Filing the FAFSA using estimated data before completing your tax return is not recommended. We advise you to complete your tax return first and use the actual data on the application so as to minimize the possibility of changes in your aid package.

How often do I need to apply?

You need to file a FAFSA once each academic year.

When will I be notified as to what aid I am eligible for?

You will receive an award letter from Ramapo notifying you of your eligibility for Financial Aid. If you file your FAFSA before March 1, you should receive an award letter from Ramapo College in early April.

How do I apply for New Jersey State Aid?

Application for New Jersey State aid automatically occurs when you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using Ramapo College’s code (009344), and when you complete additional questions required by the New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA). These additional questions can be accessed directly from the FAFSA by selecting “optional feature” or by visiting the HESAA website at and linking to “Report Additional Information for State Aid.”

What types of aid are available?

Financial aid available at Ramapo consists of grants, loans and work-study. Grants are awards that don’t have to be paid back, whereas loans must be paid back. Students may also participate in the Federal Work-Study program for the opportunity to earn money at a job either on or off campus.

How does one qualify for aid?

To qualify for aid, the information you report when you complete the FAFSA is used in a formula established by the U.S. Congress that determines expected family contribution (EFC). The EFC is used to determine whether you are eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant and also may be used to determine other types of aid.

How do I qualify for New Jersey State Aid?

Eligibility for New Jersey State aid, including The NJ TAG program for needy students, is defined by the state’s own eligibility calculation. Students must also be registered for at least 12 credits to be eligible.

Is there a filing deadline for New Jersey State Aid?

Yes, there are filing deadlines for New Jersey State Aid. For first-time FAFSA filers, it is September 15 for the current academic year. For continuing students, it is April 15 prior to the start of the Fall semester.

What factors are considered to determine eligibility for aid?

Some of the key determinants considered in determining eligibility include income, assets, household size and the number of students attending college.

What loans are available?

The major Federal loan program is the Direct Loan. Freshmen can borrow up to $5,500, sophomores $6,500 and juniors and seniors $7,500. There are two types of Stafford loans: a subsidized loan based on need and an unsubsidized loan that is not need-based. Alternative loans from private lenders are also available.

What is the difference between a Federal Direct Subsidized and an Unsubsidized Loan?

The difference between a Subsidized and Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan is as follows: A subsidized loan is based on need; an unsubsidized loan is not need-based. Also, a student with a subsidized loan does not pay interest on that loan while in school. A student with an unsubsidized loan will be charged interest from the time the loan is disbursed. If you allow the interest to accumulate, it will be capitalized, that is, it will be added to the principal amount and additional interest will be based on the higher amount. The borrowing limits for both subsidized and unsubsidized loans are the same.

Does the interest rate on the Federal Direct Loan change?

The interest rate on Federal Direct Loans changes June 30 of each year.

When do I have to start repaying the Federal Direct Loan?

Repayment of your Federal Direct loans begins after you graduate, leave school or drop below half-time enrollment. You have 6 months to begin repayment. For unsubsidized loan recipients, you may wish to pay interest as it accrues.

How do I go about getting an outside scholarship credited to my account at Ramapo?

To credit Outside Scholarships to your account, send your original award letter or letter of intent from the donor to the Office of Student Accounts with your name, social security number and details (amount, semester of award, etc.). It will then be posted as an estimated credit until such time as the donor sends a check to the Office of Student Accounts directly.

Does Ramapo College offer merit scholarships based on academic achievement in high school? How do I apply??

Ramapo College offers a number of scholarships for incoming freshmen based on academic achievement. All freshman applicants are reviewed for scholarship eligibility.

Are there other “outside” scholarships available and how do I apply for them?

There are literally scores of scholarships available from various private sources. Books and websites dedicated to aiding students are good sources of information.

Is Financial Aid available in the Summer Session?

In order to receive Title IV aid for the summer term, students must be matriculated and file a FAFSA for the prior aid year. To qualify for a Stafford or PLUS loan, the student must be enrolled for 6 or more credits. Alternative Loans are also available for the summer term. Students who are not matriculating at Ramapo may refer to the “Applying for Aid” section of the Ramapo College Financial Aid Web page.

Is Financial Aid available in the Winter Session?

In general, students matriculating at Ramapo are not eligible for financial aid funds to cover winter classes. However, students may consider the options of using the refund from their fall semester (if applicable) or taking out an alternative student loan in the Fall semester. Students should speak with their Financial Aid advisor to review the account to determine what options are available. Students who are not matriculating at Ramapo may refer to the “Applying for Aid” section of the Ramapo College Financial Aid Web page.

If you need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to stop by or call the Office of Financial Aid.