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Rental Inquiry Forms


Rental Inquiry Form (Non-Berrie Center Venues)

Request for Space
Sponsoring Organization/Group
City, State, Zip Code
Non-Profit Org
Number of Days
Number of Spaces




For Berrie Center Spaces please complete the following form

Request for Space: Berrie Center


Form submission is required to be 8 weeks in advance.
A designated faculty member is required to be present at the event.
Sponsoring Organization/Group
First & Last Name
City, State, Zip Code
Non-Profit Org
RCNJ Alumni Licensee
Event Purpose
Event Audience
Additional Personnel/Vendors on site
Will you have a reception before or after the event?
What type of catering do you plan to have at the reception?


Berrie Center Location(s)
(1 hr required for a 6+ hr work day. Also, 10 minutes every two hours. Variation from this policy is at the discretion of the Technical Supervisor and may require additional labor expense.)
(Must be 30 minutes prior to show time.)
(Please note, schedule is not final until discussed with Berrie Center staff. The stage must be clear and pre-set 30 minutes prior to the advertised curtain time to allow the house to open and audience seating. If there are two performances, there must be a minimum of 2 hours between the estimated end of the first performance and the start of the second. Consult performer/presenter to determine time based on their tech needs for setup/breakdown.)


If you have questions regarding this section, please contact Karley Berrios at (201) 684-7344 or
(Stairs requires restricting use of front rows and loss of 10-12 seats.)
Please describe your lobby set up (4 - 6' tables max with 2 chairs each). Volunteers required for ticket distribution.


If you have questions regarding this section, please contact Allie Polan-Clarke at 201-684-7286 or Only the Technical Supervisor and Technicians provided by the College may operate any of the theaters’ rigging, lighting, or audio systems. You may submit a setup diagram. Our minimum crew for the Sharp Theater is 3 Stage Technicians (lighting/audio/on stage). Additional crew may be required, depending on the needs of your event. Final labor needs will be determined by the Technical Supervisor. Your organization will be billed for the staff required for your event. Consult with Events & Conferences regarding fees. Please describe any special needs that you have of crew (stage manager, prop person, runner, etc.)
Stage/Room Set Up


Please note: Audio/video may not be streamed from the Internet. It must be a file on a flash drive or saved to the computer in use.
Do you need Microphones for speaking?
Will you be playing pre-recorded music?
Choose the device you will be using for playing the pre-recorded music
Will you be playing live music?


Audio/Video may not be streaming from the internet, it is preferred if files are sent in advance.
Select all that apply


Our lighting system is large and flexible.

Additional Information

Please include additional information about your request here.

Maximum file size: 102.4MB