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If you or your family is experiencing financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic please email or call the Office of Financial Aid so we can discussion your situation and the possibility of a re-evaluation of your financial aid award.  /finiad

This Consumer Information site provides prospective and current students, parents, counselors, researchers, legislators, and employees access to information that will enable consumers to make informed decisions about postsecondary education at Ramapo College.

The New Jersey College Student and Parent Consumer Information Act (P.L. 2009, Chapter 197) was approved January 14, 2010 and effective March 16, 2010. The Act requires each New Jersey four-year public institution of higher education to place “comprehensive information on the cost of attendance, the graduation rates of admitted students, and the faculty of the institution,” on its website. The stated purpose of the Act is to “maximize the awareness of students and their families of the costs associated with enrollment in the institution, the institution’s success in ensuring the graduation of its students, and the composition of the teaching faculty that a student will encounter.” Data for all New Jersey four-year public institutions of higher education are available on the New Jersey Higher Education website at

Posted here is the New Jersey College Student and Parent Consumer Report for Ramapo College of New Jersey (PDF)

– published by the US Department of Education, Office of Federal Student Aid.


Academic Programs

Cost of Attendance

Financial Aid

* Ramapo College of New Jersey is a participant in the NCAA Division III.  Therefore we do not offer athletic scholarships.  Need-based and Academic scholarships are available to all students who meet the academic criteria.

Health and Safety

  • Public Safety
  • Missing Persons Policy
  • Security Report or Notice of Security Report
    By October 1, the Campus Crime Statistics Report will be posted on the Department of Public Safety website.  For additional information on campus security or to request a paper copy of the annual report, please contact the Office of Public Safety at (201) 684-7432 or use the link above for more information.
  • Fire Safety
  • Fire Log By October 1
    Fire Log is included in the Campus Crime Statistics Report and is posted on the Department of Public Safety website. It will be open for public review during normal business hours in the Office of Public Safety.

For additional information regarding Fire Safety or to obtain a paper copy of the Fire Log, please contact Gina Mayer-Costa, Director of Environmental Health & Safety, Ramapo College of New Jersey at or 201.684.7531.

  • Information for Crime Victims About Disciplinary Hearings (Given to Victim Upon Request)
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program
  • Vaccinations Policies
  • Parking / Motor Vehicle Rules and Regulations
  • Emergency Preparedness
    Emergency Response & Evacuation Procedures
    The College has an Emergency Preparedness Plan and a Continuity of Operations Plan to address potential threats and hazards and for continuing business operations and academic programs in the event of a major disaster or an event that impacts College facilities. Included in the Emergency Preparedness Plan are procedures for communicating emergencies to the campus community, evacuating facilities, providing shelter-in-place locations and actions to take in the event of an emergency. Information regarding these plans may be obtained using the above link or from the Director of Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity (201) 684-6803, Office of Public Safety (201) 684-7432, or Chief Planning Officer (201) 684-7621.

Student Outcomes