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Ramapo College Strategic Plan: Boldly Ascending 2023-2029 (pdf)

Ramapo College Strategic Plan 2023-2029


Ramapo’s Strategic Plan, Boldly Ascending 2023-2029, provides us with direction and priorities. Our proximate ends are the plan’s goals: Academic Excellence and Student Success; Inclusive Community; and Agile Stewardship. However, let’s ascend toward our aspirational ends: that is making our mark for graduating empathetic problem solvers, ethical change agents, and responsible leaders who make a positive impact on the human condition and thrive in a changing world.

Ramapo College’s strategic planning process included four key elements: Planning Forums, The Future Series, Needs Statement Process, and Campus Facilities Planning. These four elements all shaped the development of Boldly Ascending by: exploring our context, igniting our passion, envisioning our environment, and ultimately, making a bold impact.

PDF of Boldly Ascending

The Comprehensive Academic Plan (CAP) moves the Campus forward by serving as a holistic plan to advance teaching, learning, research, scholarship and creative activity and meet the promise of Boldly Ascending. With innovation at its core, and in consideration of our resources as a public institution, the plan provides a high-level overview of guiding principles that then filter into objectives and tasks that guide future action.

PDF of Comprehensive Academic Plan



The more consistent and confident we are when telling the Ramapo story, the better our audiences will understand and trust what we have to say. To these ends, the Communications Plan articulates the College’s communications goals in alignment with the advancement of Boldly Ascending and outlines institutional strategies to increase the College’s visibility, positively influence the College’s reputation among key audiences, and exercise excellence and best practices in communications.

PDF of Communications Plan

Revitalize, Renew, and Retool, the College’s Comprehensive Facilities Plan, is a critical tool in the strategic management of one of Ramapo College’s most valuable assets: the built environment. This document serves to propel the institution’s goals and objectives, aid in recruitment and retention, and inspire creativity in the campus community. Revitalize, Renew, and Retool provides a vision for the physical environment that aligns with Boldly Ascending and the Comprehensive Academic Plan. Revitalize, Renew, and Retool emphasizes renewal and renovation, reinvestment in infrastructure, the student experience, and value-based growth.

PDF of Revitalize, Renew, and Retool

The College established 12 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are mapped to the goals of Boldly Ascending. These indicators provide a high level view of institutional progress on the goals and objectives of Boldly Ascending. In addition to these 12 KPIs, Unit Level Plans as well as Student Learning Outcomes and Academic Assessment data are collected, assessed, and used to inform decision making.

What are the 12 KPIs?